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Self-Booking Tool
Corporate Self-Booking Tool

When it comes to corporate travel management, many companies are still using the same workflows, processes, and technologies put in place more than a decade ago.


This lag in progress leaves HR and finance professionals unable to capitalize on advancements, particularly with digital transformation, that have dramatically improved other functions across the same industries.


Our Corporate Self Booking Tool was designed to simplify the complex travelling process for the corporate customers so they can focus on their core business.


Using can offer our corporate customers an
optimized and straightforward travel management process, as everything happens automatically – from searching process to the final reservation, to also serve many large and multinational companies

1. Quick & Easy Search

Any employee of the company can independently find and book a flight ticket and a hotel at their own convenient time, within the allowed framework of the travel policy applied for each user.


The platform provides a collection of over 1 million offers, with a complete description of the service and booking conditions.


Thanks to the advanced filters, users can find exactly what they need in no time.

2. Travel Policy

Our Corporate Self-Booking Tool allows you to create an unlimited number of travel policies, with flexible restrictions on the direction, cost, and types of services.


You can apply a policy to several users at a time or individually as you prefer.

3. Detailed User Profiles

Travel Manager can create and edit user profiles, customize their roles and apply a specific travel policy to them.

4. Controlling Bookings

Support for employees real-time booking approvals, allowing for increased cost control and tracking of travel schedules.

5. Reports

Get more information about your business travel expenses and identify budget optimization areas. With built-in reports, you can see the overall picture of the trips any time, and a detailed description of each service in real time.

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