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More Than Just Travel Management Company.

We connect businesses to their aim through travel.

Who We Are

Jawwal Travel is a travel management company, with over 30 years of experience in helping corporate travelers get the most out of their business trips, while saving their time and money.


As the needs of our loyal clients are growing so did we, from a business providing airline tickets, holiday packages, hotel reservation, and chauffeured car hire to a full integrated corporate travel management solutions.


We are in the market of travel management to boost companies’ performance, by allowing them to focus on their core business responsibilities, and handling organizing their business trips on their behalf.


We aim to offer a comprehensive travel management program to enhance our partners’ corporate travel experience and optimize their goals.

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Values & Standards
Aim Their Aim

We take upon ourselves our clients’ goals to help in achieving them.

Build Connections

We are driven by our ability to build relationships, collaborate with partners and shareholders and connect across teams, functions and geographies.

Achieve Together

Family is the pillar at which we are founded, and the stem in which we naturally branch to partners, colleagues, and our community. We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs and desires of our partners.

Think Forward

We are driven by passion and creativity to design and execute integrated solutions for our partners in light of the rapid changes and new challenges in the market.

One Step Ahead

We look beyond the horizon to keep pace with the industry developments to exceed all expectations.

Be Reliable

We uphold the highest standards of reliability in all our actions. We are honest, open, and fair.

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